Maternity Portraits


Maternity Photography Sessions

I graduated in 2018 with a first-class honours degree in photography from Blackpool School of Arts.  My work examined the relationship people have with their own body, looking at body image and self-esteem, how bodies change and how important touch and skin-to-skin contact are to health and well-being.  Whilst photographing these projects some lovely things happened in the studio as people embraced loved ones or cast-off certain hangups about their own body.  This led me consider offering similar types of photography as a portrait service; ‘skin-to-skin’ for parent and child, couples, siblings and breastfeeding mothers.  Some of my work is on my BARE SKIN page if you would like to take a look.

Over the years I’ve done several nude maternity sessions for friends, or friends of friends, who have asked and each has been a lovely experience for me, there’s a few examples above.  If there’s an interest then I would love to offer this type of maternity photo shoots alongside my other work.

Initially I would like to gauge opinion and see if there is much interest in black and white, bare skin maternity sessions.  If there is then I would be looking for two or three women to volunteer for FREE shoots in order to build a portfolio to promote my sessions,  in return I would offer digital pictures to keep.  Whilst this involves nudity it doesn’t have to be revealing, privacy and respect are guaranteed throughout and the way I work it’s possible to be naked in the studio without me seeing everything.

The sessions themselves would be priced at £95, would take between an hour or two and include a credit of £95 to be used to purchase either digital pictures or mounted prints…with no hard sell.  For paid sessions no pictures would be used on my social media, website or for marketing without permission.

I would love to hear your thoughts and if you are interested in doing a shoot then please do get in touch via message on my FACEBOOK PAGE.

Thank you, Richard