Your Session

During my BA(Hons) Photography degree I explored the relationship people have with their own body and became interested in the benefits to health and well-being of skin-to-skin contact.  This has informed my creative practice and to offer a limited number of studio photography sessions involving bare skin.

There are several elements that will always remain a priority throughout my photography and sessions:

  • The safety and well-being of you and your family
  • Respect and privacy for you and your family
  • My own reputation, both personal and professional and the law

We’ll have a good chat beforehand to establish what you’re wanting from the studio portrait session and to discuss what you are comfortable with, most people are nervous and that’s OK we’ll talk about that too.  We’ll then practice the positions and poses prior to you undressing so you know exactly what you will be doing and there’s always the opportunity to say no, it’s not for you. In the studio there’s a private area to change, I recommend bringing a dressing gown but I also provide freshly washed blankets to wrap yourself in if required.  I will always stay out of the way when you’re changing and will not approach you at all when undressed, if I need to move lights etc. then I’ll ask you to cover up and move away first.  I have a strict no contact policy.

I’m comfortable with non-sexual nudity if you are, a lot of my work has involved naked people so I’m used to it but that doesn’t mean you are under any pressure to bare all.   It’s whatever you are comfortable with and can guarantee you will never be pressured to reveal more.


It is possible to keep parts of the body concealed, even if completely naked, this not only applies to the photographs but also to what I would see during a portrait session.  I will happily turn away whilst you get in position or move between positions in order to respect your privacy.






With some of my work the nudity is implied, people remain clothed but uncover shoulders for example and with careful framing in the camera the end results looks as though you are naked.  The photograph on the left gives the impression of not wearing any clothes, however she is actually wearing a strapless bra.



Extra care is take when photographing children in the studio, ALL photographs are strictly age appropriate.  During a shoot I will turn away until you let know you’re in position and all comfortable.  I would suggest nudity is OK for babies but toddlers to wear plain underwear and older children stick to bare shoulders, we’ll talk about this beforehand.  Here the little boy is wearing his trousers and his mum is covered by her arm.





Moral Support

It’s perfectly fine to bring someone along for moral support, whether this is a friend, sister, mother or a partner, that’s OK with me.  All I ask is they understand that in order to achieve the best photographs I would need them to remain quiet during the session and not be involved, I appreciate this may sound harsh however experience has shown distractions can undermine the whole session.  My sessions differ from many in that to achieve the connection required the interaction needs to be between whoever is in the photograph, not with someone off-camera.

Sharing the Pictures

The photographs we produce are very personal to you and it’s why I offer prints with my studio portrait collections, prints are very special to keep and value.  By default I will not publish digital copies of your pictures, however with your written permission I would love to share them on my website and social media.  We will discuss this prior to the session and the choice will be entirely yours.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I possess a DBS Certificate issued on 27 April 2019