Bodies of Water – Terms and Conditions

‘Bodies of Water’ Photo Shoot

Terms and Conditions


Thank you for volunteering to take part in this photo shoot.  I would like this to be a fun and positive experience but there are a few T&Cs I need to run through:

Safety – This is not a session for swimming but I will still assess the water for rip currents.  Participants will be asked to walk and then run into the water up to around knee depth and repeat this several times.  Please keep an eye out for any broken glass or other sharp objects and for jellyfish.  We will start an hour before low tide to avoid any risk of being cut off by an incoming tide.  I will select a date where the weather looks appropriate.

Insurance – I hold Public Liability insurance for up to £5m.

Privacy – I can guarantee you will be treated with respect throughout, my work frequently involves nudity and focuses on the positive aspects of bodies.  The intended photographs will be of you entering the water only with your back to the camera, I will turn away and not photograph you leaving the water, dressing or undressing.  I will provide pop-up changing tents and somewhere to place clothes above the wet sand. We will be shooting an hour before low tide at the water’s edge to be as far from the promenade as possible.  I won’t mention your name and I won’t tag you on social media.

Spectators – Please don’t bring anyone with you, it’s important to maintain the privacy of everyone participating that we keep onlookers away.  Please don’t mention the date, time or location online prior to the session.  Unfortunately, passers-by can’t be avoided but I will ask anyone to move on and not stand and watch.

Photography – Please don’t take photos whilst I’m taking my pictures, it would ruin everything I’m trying to achieve.  I am happy with behind-the-scenes pictures before and after the session if other participants agree to them.

Valuables – I would recommend leaving any valuables at home or in the car.  We will all be distracted and unable to keep an eye on possessions.  Phones could be placed in my camera bag but that would be at your own risk.

Tattoos – Unfortunately I can’t have tattoos showing in the final pictures and will need to remove them during image processing.  This is for several reasons; they would draw the eye and distract from the artwork, they are personal and identifiable and I need the pictures to be anonymous, plus they are artworks by another artist which can lead to legal complications I need to avoid.  If this is unacceptable then I do understand but I wouldn’t be able to include you, I’m very sorry.

Assistant – I may have a female assistant with me, it would depend on whether Grace is available at the time.

Copyright – As the photographer I retain the copyright of all the images I take during the session, they must not be sold, copied or entered into competitions.

Usage – I intend to exhibit the final work as handmade prints and sell prints as artwork.  Participation grants your permission for this use without financial reward.

Session – I will be using a large format film camera for the main images, it is quite slow to use and requires to be set and a sheet of film loaded for every picture.  I would also like to shoot with a 35mm film camera with a motor drive to create a very short blurry motion film of the group running into the sea.

What to Bring – A towel and some warm clothes, especially something easy to get on and off quickly just in case there’s a delay between pictures.

Commitment – You haven’t committed to anything, it’s fine to say no at any point without any consequences.

Fun – Please enjoy yourself.


Richard Hardwick
Hardwick Studio


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