There are several aspects to my creative practice, some form part of how I make a living, whilst others are areas of interest to me.  My photographic art involves producing original handmade, limited edition prints offered for sale to collectors.  I also work on several projects, either of personal interest, for my academic studies or community based in support causes I believe in.  I am always looking for volunteers to collaborate with in producing my photographic art or to participate in my various projects:

I am struggling with health issues but would welcome the opportunity of a studio shoot to be creative and meet people, although I would need to limit this to no more than an hour.


Images will be printed as limited edition prints and offered for sale to collectors

CASTING CALL – Bodies of Water
Dancers, gymnasts or performers of any age or gender photographed to represent the many qualities possessed by water.
[Requires white or nude coloured clothing]

People of any age who would like to create art with their body; abstract shapes, movement, experimental.
[Involves nudity; partial, implied, concealed or anonymous] 18+



The aim is to exhibit this work as handmade prints

CASTING CALL – Skin-to-Skin II
A project I will develop towards my Masters degree looking at promoting the benefits of human skin to skin contact.  I want participants to consider what skin-to-skin touch means to them and how we can represent that in the photograph.
[This could involve elements of nudity or could simply be hands or faces, just no clothing in the photograph]

CASTING CALL – Raw Portraits
Head and shoulders portraits of people of all ages as they appear naturally.
[Without makeup, clothing, jewellery or accessories included in the photograph]

CASTING CALL – Changing Bodies
An ongoing project to explore the varied changes we experience with our bodies throughout our lives.  This could be ageing, illness, pregnancy, weight loss or gain, amputation, wounds, skin conditions.
[Involves nudity; partial, implied, concealed or anonymous] 18+


Final prints are to be exhibited, projects are strictly non-profit and expenses are covered by crowdfunding.

CASTING CALL – Breastfeeding Blackpool
Women who would be happy to breastfeed at locations around Blackpool and the Fylde Coast.  This is picking up a project from the summer of 2018 I had to put on hold due to health issues, here is an example of the work complete so far and some further details: Breastfeeding Blackpool 


If you are interested in participating please Make an Enquiry to register your interest or find out more.  I can guarantee anyone participating will be treated with respect throughout.

I will often post a CASTING CALL on social media when I’m looking for volunteers, why not follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to keep up-to-date.