I will store your name, address and details on a private internal database.  These details will not be made available to individuals or organisations outside of Richard Hardwick Photography.


Images placed in password protected galleries within the website are not available to the general public in the normal course of events.

I would love to display any images from your photo session in my portfolio and to generally promote my business, however under UK Copyright law  and when paying for photographs to be commissioned, you do have the option for images not to be made public.  This is something we can discuss prior to your session and the choice is yours, there’s no extra charge either way.

No images will be resold to any third party other than with your prior written consent.


Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, Chapter 48, Section 85: Right to privacy of certain photographs and films.

(1)A person who for private and domestic purposes commissions the taking of a photograph or the making of a film has, where copyright subsists in the resulting work, the right not to have –
(a) copies of the work issued to the public,
(b) the work exhibited or shown in public, or
(c) the work [F1communicated to the public]; and, except as mentioned in subsection (2), a person who does or authorises the doing of any of those acts   infringes that right.
(2)The right is not infringed by an act which by virtue of any of the following provisions would not infringe copyright in the work –
(a)section 31 (incidental inclusion of work in an artistic work, film [F2or broadcast]);
(b)section 45 (parliamentary and judicial proceedings);
(c)section 46 (Royal Commissions and statutory inquiries);
(d)section 50 (acts done under statutory authority);
(e)[F3section 57 or 66A (acts permitted on assumptions as to expiry of copyright, &c.)].