Projects – Skin-to-Skin



Recognising a synchronicity between the photographic trace, a physio-chemical reaction when light hits photosensitive material and the chemical release in the brain when bare skin is touched, my current project aims to illustrate the benefits to health and well-being when people receive skin-to-skin contact.

The aim is to show as many different types of human skin contact as possible, using a long exposure and blur from camera movement to represent the long-lasting effect. Whilst the project is of an autobiographical nature, examining my own anxiety due to a lack of human touch throughout my life, the intention is to produce a set of uplifting images with a positive feel.

Printed as a kallitype to maintain the subtlety and toned with platinum to continue the theme of traces of chemicals, the print becomes one of the most archival and long-lasting it is possible to produce photographically.