Breastfeeding Project

Breastfeeding Project

Blackpool is a seaside town in the North West of the England UK, and has some of the lowest breastfeeding rates in the country. Many women never start to breastfeed, but lots of those who do find they struggle or experience pain, however with the right information there needn’t be any pain and with the right support, success rates are significantly increased.

In June 2017 after 10 successful years, Star Buddies, the local breastfeeding peer support team which included the town’s infant feeding lead, had their funding withdrawn by the council, further impacting the issues. This project serves to raise awareness about the benefits to health and well-being of breastfeeding, promoting and normalising breastfeeding within the town and wider community, and championing the cause of co-ordinated breastfeeding peer support.

A group of women volunteered to be photographed at a variety of public locations around Blackpool and we successfully raised £321 with a Kickstarter to cover expenses.  The final prints will be exhibited at The Space in Blackpool town centre.

I have a CASTING CALL looking for volunteers to participate.

Please note:  This project is currently on hold due to my health issues.  Once I’m back on my feet I hope to pick it up again and continue with the shoots.