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I make all of the handmade prints myself in the darkroom using alternative processes or traditional darkroom techniques.  All are printed exclusively on fibre-based paper, details of actual materials used can be found on the separate page for each process.


Handmade Original Artwork



Handmade Original Limited Edition

My limited editions for handmade originals are always of five prints plus one artist’s proof, after which no further prints of the image will be produced.  As prints sell within an edition the price increases, therefore prints early in the edition are priced lower than the later ones.  The artist reserves the right to reproduce the image in the form of promotional items, greeting cards or in a book,  these reproductions are not considered to be originals but may augment the value of the originals.


Artist’s Proof

Part of the printing process usually involves making several test prints until I am entirely satisfied with the look of the print.  This first print becomes my artist’s proof and is my copy of the print, it may be sold at a later date and once the edition has completely sold out.  This version of the print is the one I also would submit for exhibition.


Limited Edition Prints

My limited edition prints are facsimiles of original art, created as fine art giclee or chromogenic prints depending on the subject and edition.


Certificate of Authenticity

The certificate of authenticity is my guarantee to the collector.  It guarantees the print is my work, whether a one-off original, a limited edition original or a limited edition print and the number of the print within the edition is accurate.



All of my handmade original artwork or handmade original limited editions are unframed and presented in an acid-free, archival print box.

Limited edition and open edition prints are


Open Editions

I do not make any open editions of any of the images used for my limited edition prints.


Other Products

Alongside my limited edition prints I also offer reproductions as a selection of postcards and greetings cards, these reproductions are not considered to be originals but may augment the value of the originals.




  • United Kingdom: £5.00
  • European Union: £10.00
  • Worldwide: £20.00